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Granting of the SOIL4WINE logo to wineries producing wine using grapes grown with sustainable management protocols

Implementation of renumeration mechanisms for ecosytem services

The SOIL4WINE project includes a demonstration activity. The winegrowers participating in this demonstration activity adopt sustainable viticulture techniques, which consist of: (i) the use of a webtool (DSS - Decision Support System) to support soil management in the vineyard and (ii) the use of cultivation techniques that favour soil functions, such as permanent and temporary grassing through cover crops and green manure, as well as hydraulic land systems and the use of drains. These choices lead to the improvement of soil ecosystem services in vineyards; in particular:

  •  Protection from erosion
  •  Water regulation
  •  Carbon sequestration
  •  Biodiversity protection
  •  Landscape quality

Attribution of a monetary value to ES makes it possible to study and implement remuneration mechanisms for them. The project has allowed the definition of 4 possible "payments for ecosystem services" (PES), involving the territory through reclamation consortium or local administrations or, as in the case of the proposed PES for water regulation techniques, directly related to the wine sector. In this case the procedure for granting a logo for wines produced from grapes grown with sustainable management protocols has been envisaged. The purpose of this procedure is to provide wineries that decide to purchase grapes produced in the manner described above, giving the winemaker a remuneration corresponding to the value of one or more of the ecosystem services involved, as well as wineries that decide to produce and vinify their own grapes produced with the techniques resulting from the project, the possibility to use the SOIL4WINE project logo and affix it on the label, packaging or for promotional activities. The activities in the "After-LIFE" period will focus on the implementation (at public and private level) of modalities of remuneration of the farmer for the ecosystem services generated by sustainable soil management activity.

At the moment this opportunity to use the logo SOIL4WINE is only open for Italian companies, but in the future it could also be given to foreign wineries. If your winery is interested in such a possibility, you are invited to express your interest to the project email.





Published on: 10/25/2019
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