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Toward soil health: survey for viticulture stakeholders

Action 1 of SOIL4WINE project includes an internet survey addressed to European wine industry stakeholders on perception and knowledge about soil health in vineyard ecosystem.

All actors of the production chain are invited to answer the questions by accessing the online questionnaire following the link

The questionnaire is available in 4 languages (Italian English, French, Spanish). Results will allow the analyze the distribution of environmental and soil problems in the project area and in Europe, to define solutions and suitable guidelines.

Compilers can answer the survey under anonymity, or they can decide to enter the project community leaving their data in the final part of the questionnaire. The community components will be periodically informed on project activity and result, and will receive free 3-month access to all contents of internet technical journal INFOWINE.

All data collected by the survey will be anonymously elaborated and used exclusively for scientific goals.

Open the survey clicking here

Published on: 05/31/2017
Item available in italiano francais spagnolo
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